5 Things to Do That Your Dog Loves

One of the questions animal communicators receive is, “Does my dog love me?” And it’s not only animal communicators who receive this question. The other question is, “What can I do for my dog to tell him I love him? Well, here is a list of 5 things you can do for your dog thatContinue reading “5 Things to Do That Your Dog Loves”

5 Benefits of Hiring an Animal Psychic

I wonder if pet owners think of animal psychics as a luxury only for affluent people. And yet, pet owners will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on fancy collars, decorative clothing, and more toys than a dog or cat could ever need or enjoy. Hiring an animal communicator is right up there withContinue reading “5 Benefits of Hiring an Animal Psychic”

Bonding with Your Pet Through Mindfulness Part 2

Since the part one article for Bonding with Your Pet through Mindfulness attracted so much attention, here is part 2. I believe that animals have already ascended. I believe that the Earth has ascended too. The Earth and the animals are helping us to ascend. This does mean that we must spend more time inContinue reading “Bonding with Your Pet Through Mindfulness Part 2”

Connected with The Spirits of Animals

Perhaps, it seems impossible to some that an animal communicator can work with an animal that is 3,000 miles away. I work from photographs and the communication I received from the animals is accurate. When I speak to the animals I’m connected with a longtime friend called Spirit. Animal communication has been around for centuries.Continue reading “Connected with The Spirits of Animals”

5 Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors

I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I’ve seen about lost cats. And I also can’t tell you the number of times people tell me that they don’t take their cats to the vet, even for an outdoor cat. Well, that is double-trouble since cats are likely to acquire diseases while out roaming theContinue reading “5 Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors”

Your Dog’s (and Cat’s) Real Needs

In the age of pet parades and animal celebrities on social media, this leaves me wondering a dog’s real needs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as entertained by the dogs and cats as any other viewer of the animal videos. But as an animal communicator, I point out that our pets are not humans.Continue reading “Your Dog’s (and Cat’s) Real Needs”

If Only Humans (Could Be More Like Dogs)

With a title like that you might wonder if I’m serious. Since I have an animal communication practice, I have seen traits in dogs that humans would benefit from adopting these canine practices. Here is a list of canine behaviors for humans to adopt. Loyalty Whether that means staying loyal to a cause dear toContinue reading “If Only Humans (Could Be More Like Dogs)”

If We Could Talk to the Animals

Did you know that your companion animals want to have a conversation with you? That’s right. They have something to say. Animal communication is more than observing body behavior or barking or meowing. It is telepathic communication mainly using images, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Last night as I was falling asleep, a thought occurred toContinue reading “If We Could Talk to the Animals”

Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals

As an animal Reiki practitioner I want to talk about chakras. Yes, animals have chakras and there are empaths and healers who can see those chakras. And just like with humans, when the animal experiences trauma this creates an energy block in the chakras. The first two chakras are the most concern to me. OrContinue reading “Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals”