Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity

During recent months, I found myself in the throes of the most painful days of my life. Actually, this dark period began in 2014 and has continued through 2017. Even though I said that I was done talking about narcissists, the truth is that I find myself embroiled in a den of them. Sometimes IContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity”

Intuitive Coaching 101: Recognizing Dangerous People (Wolves in Sheep Clothing Detected)

If you meet a person and he or she seems too nice to be true, run. With 25% of the population suffering from narcissism and other similar personality disorders, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one. And it’s not your job to become their dance partner. Your job is to get the heck out ofContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101: Recognizing Dangerous People (Wolves in Sheep Clothing Detected)”