Intuitive Coaching 101–The Ascension Diet

We’ve all heard about eating lighter as we evolve spiritually and physically. Many people are giving up meat and turning vegan. But even eating meat less and then eventually eliminating it from your diet or becoming a vegetarian helps with personal evolution. You might have noticed that the foods that once filled you with delightContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–The Ascension Diet”

Intuitive Coaching 101: What if You Could Avoid the Flu?

  First, I’m not a medical doctor.  When people started catching viral infections in the household where I am currently residing, I went online to look for natural flu prevention. Normally, I apply and arsenal of elderberry drops, herbal teas, ginger, garlic, colloidal silver, and the 5 Thieves spray (eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and clovesContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101: What if You Could Avoid the Flu?”

Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Reasons Why We Can’t Change Other People’s Diets

We read about the latest food trend. Or we come upon information about a particular vegetable that could heal a friend or family member. And we stop whatever we’re doing and contact that person with well-meaning advice that unfortunately falls on deaf ears. And this leaves us feeling baffled because we changed our diets andContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Reasons Why We Can’t Change Other People’s Diets”