Intuitive Coaching 101–The Ascension Diet

      Forget the Paleo, the vegan, the raw-food, or whatever diet is trending at the moment if you are in the process of spiritually ascending. Lately, I’ve received messages about certain foods disappearing from our plates. At first, I thought that this was for the general population but after receiving healing information fromContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–The Ascension Diet”

Time of Radical Spiritual Warriors

We spiritual warriors have our work cut out for us. First, we start with healing our inner child so that we respond instead of react to life and world circumstances. And we have many modalities at our disposal to do this work. I will let you research those modalities and choose what is right forContinue reading “Time of Radical Spiritual Warriors”

The Practice–Journey to Healing the Wounded Masculine

One day recently, I decided to play my guitar. So, I strummed it for about fifteen minutes and then put it away–nothing unusual except that I had not practiced in a long while. Then that night I woke up with my right hand twisted around my thumb. The next morning I noticed my swollen andContinue reading “The Practice–Journey to Healing the Wounded Masculine”

Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal

Often astrologers appear detached as they give the forecast of current or upcoming transits with articles or with podcasts. Some astrologers share personal stories which helps us relate to them better. However, there is a fine line between sharing stories or allowing personal stories to dominate the collective. I’m about to walk that fine line.Continue reading “Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal”

Intuitive Coaching 101: What if You Could Avoid the Flu?

  First, I’m not a medical doctor.  When people started catching viral infections in the household where I am currently residing, I went online to look for natural flu prevention. Normally, I apply and arsenal of elderberry drops, herbal teas, ginger, garlic, colloidal silver, and the 5 Thieves spray (eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and clovesContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101: What if You Could Avoid the Flu?”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity

During recent months, I found myself in the throes of the most painful days of my life. Actually, this dark period began in 2014 and has continued through 2017. Even though I said that I was done talking about narcissists, the truth is that I find myself embroiled in a den of them. Sometimes IContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity”

Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Should Know on a Life Path

Actually, I was going to write this post on my other blog, Belle Author. I pondered the artist’s path which has its ups and downs; productive and non-productive periods. And then, I realized that every path works this way. And sometimes when we feel that we are not making progress, we develop through a gestationContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Should Know on a Life Path”

Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?

Recently, while I was spending time on YouTube, a video on infantilism popped up. In this video, the presenter said that children of narcissistic parents (or controlling and manipulative parents) become adults who suffer from infantilism. While I am still confused about this psychological condition, the British Dictionary defines it as: a condition in whichContinue reading “Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?”

Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)

In the past two years since I learned about narcissism, I have met countless people who have suffered narcissistic abuse. They often have hurt or angry expressions on their faces, poor posture, and low self-esteem. They believe that they are shattered but have survived the shattering. And then I discovered wise sages who suffered thisContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)”

Intuitive Coaching 101–It’s Not Your Fault (when you feel angry at a narcissist)

I know that I said I wouldn’t write any more posts about narcissists. The problem is that narcissists in all their various stripes are throwing chaos upon the world. They run our economies, they run corporations, the government, the media, and all the industries and religions. They show up as teachers in schools. They showContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–It’s Not Your Fault (when you feel angry at a narcissist)”