5 Childhood Wounds That Keep You Enslaved to Others

While I’m not a psychologists or mental health counselor, I’m a recovering co-dependent who has been in the process of healing childhood wounds. And the wounds showed up for me as difficulties with interpersonal communication, attracting people with personality disorders, and inability to fully commit to anything due to self-worth issues. During the past twoContinue reading “5 Childhood Wounds That Keep You Enslaved to Others”

Indulge Your Inner Child

In the new age and alternative healing communities we hear about healing the inner child. And part of that healing is to resolve any deprivation we experienced as a child and to give that inner child a voice or a way to express his or her authentic self. And this could be as buying yourselfContinue reading “Indulge Your Inner Child”

Benefits to Healing Childhood or Wounds from Abuse

First, I’m not a psychologist or mental health counselor. So the ideas in this article are from my own experiences about healing childhood wounds and emancipating myself from abusive situations. I highly recommend and encourage working with a mental health professional to anyone recovering from abuse, neglect, or trauma from dealing with people suffering fromContinue reading “Benefits to Healing Childhood or Wounds from Abuse”

If You Want to Birth a New Earth

If you want to birth a New Earth, then you must stop supporting the old structures. If you hold up the institutions and businesses keeping us enslaved to a system then you are not part of building a New Earth. Many of the spiritual teachers and healers on social media have affiliations with elite corporationsContinue reading “If You Want to Birth a New Earth”

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

If you’re feeling unlucky, helpless, or a victim to outer circumstances, watch what your thinking and saying to yourself and others. Manifestation is real and it is always occurring in one form or another. Sometimes we plant a seed for manifestation that we dig up because we focus on all the bad stuff happening aroundContinue reading “Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind”

If We Could Talk to the Animals

Did you know that your companion animals want to have a conversation with you? That’s right. They have something to say. Animal communication is more than observing body behavior or barking or meowing. It is telepathic communication mainly using images, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Last night as I was falling asleep, a thought occurred toContinue reading “If We Could Talk to the Animals”

Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals

As an animal Reiki practitioner I want to talk about chakras. Yes, animals have chakras and there are empaths and healers who can see those chakras. And just like with humans, when the animal experiences trauma this creates an energy block in the chakras. The first two chakras are the most concern to me. OrContinue reading “Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals”

The Practice: Tools for Every Metaphysician

If you are a veteran or new to metaphysics, then you’ll know about the following supplies for your tool kit: A set of gemstones geared towards your personal health and well-being A set of runes with a guide book A set of tuning forks if you practice sound healing (or tune bowls) Your favorite self-helpContinue reading “The Practice: Tools for Every Metaphysician”

Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Should Know on a Life Path

Actually, I was going to write this post on my other blog, Belle Author. I pondered the artist’s path which has its ups and downs; productive and non-productive periods. And then, I realized that every path works this way. And sometimes when we feel that we are not making progress, we develop through a gestationContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Should Know on a Life Path”

Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Practices for Challening Times

We all face challenges from time to time, from losing a home, a job, or a loved one, to dealing with narcissistic drama kings and queens. However, during our most challenging times, we can turn to a variety of tools and practices that give us a breathing space. (This article originally appeared on my otherContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Practices for Challening Times”