Whole Music–Music for Ascension

y I’m surprised by the number of people who say that they’re working on their ascension but listen to music with low vibrations. When I say, low vibrations, I’m not talking about bass and cello, though these instruments do make up the lower end of the scale. What I’m talking about is popular music mainlyContinue reading “Whole Music–Music for Ascension”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Relieve Holiday Stress with Plant Medicine

Today when I was hanging out my food coop, I thought of natural ways to relieve holiday stress. This includes the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, essential oils, and herbal tinctures. Add chamomile tea to your healing kit. Remember to stretch, breathe deeply, and go for walks among trees or near a body of water. InContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Relieve Holiday Stress with Plant Medicine”

Intuitive Coaching 101: Calming the Anxiety Beast

During my earlier adult years, I’m sure that I suffered from low-level anxiety. I ignored it for the most part because I didn’t notice that it was blocking my progress. I felt sympathy for people who mentioned feeling paralyzed by their anxiety, but I never thought that would happen to me. Then, I went throughContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101: Calming the Anxiety Beast”

Raising Music Consciousness for the Masses

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we engaged in more purposeful music? Sure, the pop industry has its place, but it doesn’t seem to revolve around music consciousness or even healing with music. That’s not to say that some pop songs haven’t lent themselves to healing for some folks, onlyContinue reading “Raising Music Consciousness for the Masses”