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What is animal Reiki and animal communication?

Reiki is a hands-on or remote energy-healing practice founded by Master Usui in Japan during the early 20th Century. Reiki Practitioners in this century provide Reiki sessions for animals and the benefits are many even if this is not a medical practice.

Reiki goes where is needed and the animal draws in as little or as much as is required for unblocking energy and creating flow and balance in the body. Reiki is for the mind-body-spirit. Reiki practitioners have found many successful applications for the energy modality including post-surgery, end-of-life transitioning, and unblocking energy centers on the body. Reiki is also helpful for animals transitioning from a shelter or foster home into a forever home. As an animal psychic and Reiki Master, I also help with hospice or end of the life care.

Animal communication involves the animal psychic or whisperer telepathically communicating with the animal. This can be done using all the senses in the present moment. While this is not a healing modality per se, communicating to animals helps us understand if there is pain or other sensations in the animal’s body which can be directed to an animal doctor. Animal communication is often used for finding the reasons behind annoying and even disturbing animal behavior but does not replace the work of a licensed animal trainer.

It is said that both animal communication and Animal Reiki prevent animals being dropped off in shelters because of behavioral issues. These practices also help prepare foster and shelter animals for placement in a permanent home.

There are as many applications as can be imagined. But please remember that it is illegal for a Reiki practitioner or animal communicator to diagnose medical conditions or to prescribe medications. Do not use animal Reiki or communication as inexpensive substitutes for medical care for your animal. This energy healing works best in conjunction with licensed medical care, even holistic care which is what I recommend. We all want what’s best for each animal.

I’m now offering sound healing along with the Reiki. I also use crystals for some clients.

My Services and Fees

Animal Communication $200 or $150 (for returning clients) through

When a client refers three paying clients, you receive $50 off on your next animal communication session.

Animal Reiki $75 a session or $100 when combined with sound therapy or crystal therapy

Spiritual Mediumship (communicating with animal companions on the other side of the veil)

$100 30-minutes

$200 60-minutes ($150 for returning clients)


My office hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. I schedule a week in advance. Payment is due 48 hours prior to a session. This is Eastern Standard Time (Pennsylvania).

Contact me for scheduling through Petwork, or at patriciacrowherlevi at



Description of My Services

Sessions are all remote and can be done over the phone, by Zoom, or via an MP3. The first part of the session is the in-take and the signing of the disclaimer (or this can be done ahead of time and you can send me the completed forms in the mail). The second part involves me reading energy off the animal’s photo for either a communication session or a Reiki session. Then we connect again by Zoom or the phone with the results of the session. Or if preferred I can send you an MP3 or an email.

Please note that some situations or issues might take longer to address with several sessions. It all depends on the progress that the animal makes in resolving the issue.

Think of Animal Reiki and Animal Communication as gifts for you and your pet (or animal). These practices help you bond more deeply through understanding your pet’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Animals often will carry the illness or condition of their guardians and they speak to you to take better care of your mind-body-soul. And in some cases, I will channel remote Reiki sessions for the animal and his or her human companion.

For clients with pets that died, I offer spiritual mediumship where I channel the spirit of the pet that died. This is a good practice for bringing closure and relieving any guilt that might come up around a pet’s death. Often, we learn that the animals hold no grudges and shower their people with unconditional love and gratitude.

Bark & Buzz is a value-added business so once I’m able to meet my monthly financial goals around 5% of my profits will go towards an animal rescue organization. I will also give back to the community by offering distance Reiki to shelter or foster animals once a week.



“Patrica was about to help me see from my dog’s side what he had experienced in his short tumultuous life and help him to feel comfortable, safe, and loved. He has matured and stabilized in so many ways just from the information that I would not have been able to get in any other way. thank you Patricia.”–Pat Chichon


“Certified Reiki Practitioner Patricia Herlevi loves animals! She also communicates with them. My Amber is a petite calico-tabby mix. She’s very pretty – and knows it, and she’s bossy. She’s definitely a cat of character. When Patricia asked if she could speak with her. My cat said no. She then said yes! When asked how she was doing my Amber replied, “Purrrrfect” Patricia thought, “She’s funny!!” I had three questions I could ask my cat. I felt Patricia facilitated them thoroughly and with sensitivity. In follow up she sent me a recorded commentary. I found the experience professional, enthusiastic and fascinating. I would recommend her services to others.”–Karen Hanrahan, Artist, US


“I enjoyed the reading Patricia did. She related things about my cat to me that were very accurate and gave me a lot of food for thought!”–Danielle McElroy, Musician and Astrologer, Canada


“I am a holistic veterinarian and Patricia has worked with Reiki and also communicated with several of my animal friends, from birds, to dogs, to my horse and donkey. I found her readings to be accurate, empathic and helpful. She has an extensive spiritual background as well which fits in well with this service. I would highly recommend her services for both Reiki and animal communication.”–Anna Maria Wolf, Holistic Vet, US 


Building a Bridge Between Animals and Humans

I am a member of the Reiki Healer Association, insured by Alternative Balance Professional Group and certified with several instructors.

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