5 Reasons to Hire a Holistic (and Integrative) Vet

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Since I favor holistic healers for humans and when I have the chance, this is the route I take for my own health, I also recommend holistic vets for our animal companions.

In addition, conventional vets frown on complimentary treatments such as Reiki, acupuncture, herbalism, aromatherapy, and especially, animal communication. And sadly, just like with conventional human medicine, the pharmaceutical giants have also taken control of animal medicine. I have a problem with this. And conventional vets, just like conventional doctors, are not trained extensively (if at all) with nutrition and true preventative medicine.

So, with all this in mind, here are the 5 reasons why I recommend holistic vets (a growing field).

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Holistic Vets Use the Least Harmful and Invasive Approaches

This doesn’t mean that they don’t apply integrative (conventional) practices for animals who have been injured in accidents, who are battling cancer or who require reconstructive surgery. But as far as preventative medicine, holistic vets win in this category.

Holistic Vets Take the Confusion out of Pet Food and Nutrition Needs

Face it, the debates around pet food (what’s safe and what isn’t) confuses most pet owners. While it’s true feeding pets human junk food or even pet junk food is a bad idea if you want your pet to live over a decade, holistic vets are versed in nutrition and they also are aware of helpful supplements instead of trendy money-wasting ones.

Holistic Vets Don’t Over Vax an Animal

Holistic vets still vaccinate pets but they check the levels of antibodies in an animal before giving the animal another vaccine. They will also inform pet owners which vaccines the animals actually need and which ones they can do without. For instance, a rabies vaccine is required and it’s not one a pet owners should skip for their pet.

Holistic Vets Promote Healthy Lifestyles for the Human and the Pet

The death of a pet is one of the hardest situations animal-lovers face. Grief can last for years, if not decades. Therefore, having a holistic vet coach pet owners and their animals about healthier lifestyles is crucial for the lifespan of the pet.

Holistic vets can also provide detoxing remedies when an animal is exposed to radiation or other types of pollution. And if they send out a newsletter to the parents of their patients, they will inform them of foods and situations to avoid.

Holistic Vets Are a Growing Industry That Requires Our Support

We need to walk our talk. Why would we seek a natural doctor for our own health and then take our pets to a conventional vet who doesn’t speak our language of holism?

In the end, it’s your choice to make. But consider that conventional is on the verge of collapse due to corruption that has seeped into the industry. This isn’t to say that every conventional vet is greedy, because there are good-hearted conventional vets and you might be fortunate to work with one of them.

But the pharmaceutical companies and pet food companies have taken control of your pets’ wellbeing. I don’t feel that’s in the best interest of the animals to follow the same route that has harmed many humans. In the least, research holistic vets and complimentary medicine for animals.

Do it for your pets. And do it for your peace of heart so that when the time comes for your companion animals to cross the Rainbow Bridge, you’ll know that you did the best you could for them.

Final Words

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I know in the past, it has been a challenge to find a holistic vet. However, you might be able to find a mobile vet who is holistic. I would also try Petworks to find a holistic vet in your region.

There’s a myth that holistic vets costs more, but given that you’re not paying for state-of-the-art machines (although you might in some cases) and expensive drugs (as well as, unneeded procedures), you’ll find the holistic vet is affordable.

Preventative medicine ensures that you’re addressing dis-ease before they become catastrophic situations. Just like with humans, diet and nutrition along with lifestyle changes go a long way in keeping your pets healthy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or research scientist. This article is based on my opinion that I acquired researching holistic pet care. I also write for Animal Wellness magazine so I keep up on the holistic vet profession and I’ve been impressed. I also recommend the Dog Doc which features a founder of holistic vet medicine, Marty Goldstein.

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Do You Want to Become a Calm and Confident Leader (for your pet)?

We often see famous dog trainers such as Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell and we wonder how they became calm and confident pack leaders. We think that they possess special talents that the remainder of us lack. But the truth is, we can all become calm and confident leaders. It’s a matter of becoming more mindful and addressing our issues so we don’t cause anxiety in other creatures.

5 Benefits from a Reiki Attunement

Reiki is an energy-healing modality where the Universal Life Force is delivered through the palms of an attuned practitioner to a recipient (person, animal or object). Reiki which was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan (early 1920s), has evolved over time and is currently practiced worldwide.

Reiki differs from other energy-healing modalities in that it can be delivered in-person or from a distance. There are three levels (and now a Grand Master Level). Students received attunements (involves the 4 Reiki symbols) from a Reiki Master who has received attunements and training for the three levels of Reiki.

An attunement is a transfer of energy from the master to the students. While Reiki training in itself is life-transforming, the attunements bring on major life changes such as healing from addictions, choosing a different life path, leaving relationships, finding a soul tribe, relocation, and the more common experience is to undergo a detox process which comes with mild symptoms.

We all have the ability to practice Reiki but becoming attuned focuses the universal life force energy so that it brings healing to ourselves and others.

5 Benefits of Reiki Attunement:

Become Practitioner

When a practitioner is attuned by a Reiki Master, they can begin practicing on others. For a Level One attunement, the Reiki practitioner can give Reiki to themselves, friends, family members and pets. When the Reiki practitioner is attuned to Level Two they can send healing to someone or something at a distance as in giving remote healings.

Teach and Attune Others

If they are attuned at the Master Level, they are qualified to teach and give attunements to students or future Reiki practitioners.

Possess a Portable Healing Modality

The beauty of Reiki is it can be applied to anything or anyone that requests a healing or a shift in energy. It can be applied to machines that are malfunctioning too. I’ve used it on my laptop when it malfunctioned.

Use Reiki on Shelter Animals

A Reiki Master or even a Reiki Practitioner at Level One or Level Two can give either in-person or distance Reiki to animals in need (or people in need). They are qualified to volunteer at an animal or other shelter to give Reiki to others.

Transformation and Evolution

My favorite benefit is the major transformation Reiki brings to a practitioner or master’s life. We become calmer, more mindful, and we desire to serve others. Our values transform from selfish consumerism and living in the mainstream to finding a soul tribe of powerful souls shifting energy on the planet one client at a time. And as far as physical healing, that’s over the top too.

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How I Began Channeling Frank Lloyd Wright

During the late 1990s when I was seeking a sustainable home to rent, I attended the Eco-Builder Guild meetings in Seattle. I was one of the only non-architect or builder at the meetings. And during that time, I found myself in libraries delving into architectural and city planning books. Little did I know at the time that the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright oversaw my education about sustainable architecture.

In 2010, on a trip to Bellingham, Washington, I saw a man in a coffee shop sitting next to a window lost in his work. This man transformed into my architect character in my novel, Love Quadrangle (featured sustainable architecture and Bellingham’s growing pains). Next thing I knew I was connecting with architects in Bellingham (and other areas) and writing about green building or reviewing books on this topic.

Then one day, years later, when I was delving deeper into the connection between quantum physics and sustainable architecture, an older man’s voice began talking to me. And that’s how Frank Lloyd Wright introduced himself to me. I was only beginning to channel spirits.

At first, I only channeled him for myself and I wrote the information that came through in my journal. I had channeled angels and I made videos of card readings, but channeling FLW publically caused me to feel discomfort. I’ve never had an grandiose personality and I have a fear of persecution by professionals. Yet, I began enjoying my conversations with Frank (who I call Frankie) and I thought that sharing the conversations might spark people’s memories of their life missions.

I have channeled Frankie several times on my Lyra Star Messenger channel on Vimeo. And here’s an example of a conversation I uploaded on my astrology channel. Note: I’m ranting for the first 8 minutes of the video. The channel session begins at 8:03 timestamp.

What if You Didn’t Need to Surrender Your Pet? (The Economy)

I made this video after watching a PBS video about overcrowded animal shelters due to the economy.

I address ways to not buy into the mainstream narrative of poverty-consciousness and doom. And I offer alternatives to surrendering pets to shelters or abandoning them in parking lots.

Your pet is your best friend or a family member. Remember this. Plan ahead, if you feel that you’re going to lose your employment. Learn new skills. Hire a life coach prior to losing your job. Sell belongings you no longer need or could do without so that you can keep your pet even during hard times.

5 Benefits Dogs Receive From Pet Daycare

Photo by sarah de souza on Pexels.com

No one wants a restless or needy dog. Animal behavior experts mentioned time and time again, that dogs, especially high-energy dogs require mental and physical exercise. Dogs also enjoy running, playing, and most dogs enjoy joining a pack of dogs to interact.

The problem is some dog owners work long hours. By the time they return home at the day’s end they’re too exhausted to take dogs for a walk. But at the same time, the people benefit from having pets (stress relief, companionship, and bonding time which might occur mainly on weekends and time off from work).

Dog (aka) doggy daycare provides a solution for busy pet owners and in a way resembles daycare for children. There are even kindergarten for dogs in Japan (look for the videos on YouTube). There are varying types of dog daycare from the old fashion kennels and an indoor play area and an outdoor play area to dog ranches, dog farms, and with Mo’s Mountain Mutts’ a school bus that transports the dogs to the Alaskan wilderness (also seen on YouTube).

Depending on your country or region, prices and scheduling for dog daycare vary. Shop around, visit the facilities, and see if you can watch the staff in action. Ask if you can schedule a visit with your dog to determine if that’s the right daycare for him or her.

As far as benefits, they are numerous. To keep this article short, I’ll list 5.

Physical Exercise

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is an obvious one. We all know what happens when a dog doesn’t get enough exercise. That usually sweet tempered fellow turns into a frenzied beast. But exercise provides more that physical stimulation. Exercise allows the dog to spend time in a natural environment, breathe fresh air and to take in all the scents of the neighborhood.

While enrolling your dog in daycare isn’t the only way for him to get exercise (dog walkers and dog sitters can provide this), you get more for your money because the dog daycare takes care of more needs than just exercise.

Mental Exercise

Depending on the daycare staff and philosophy, some daycare staff provide the dogs with puzzles or allow dogs to roam and play in packs where they resolve problems. Some daycare staff provide training for dogs too which also works their brains. Dogs enjoy learning something new and you might even call them lifelong learners. They also enjoy pleasing the trainer when they learn something new.

Companionship with Dogs and Other Humans

Photo by bin Ziegler on Pexels.com

When you’re away at work, wouldn’t you feel better to know your dog isn’t sitting alone waiting for you to return. Most dogs will find ways to entertain themselves though and you might not be happy with the results. Dogs are pack animals and even if you think your dog is a loner, you might reconsider that after watching your shy dog open up to new adventures with companions.

The daycare provides each dog with opportunities to forge relationships with staff and other dogs. Just like human children, dogs can have best buddies too and their lives are enriched by it.

Structured Day

Studies have shown that dogs prefer structure as in having a schedule. This isn’t just true for feeding and walking times. A chaotic life free of structure might seem alright to a freewheeling human, but it’s not the same for dogs. They feel more safe and secure when they know what to expect during the course of their day and to know what is expected of them. Dog daycare provides structure as the day is usually divided into playtime, nap time, lunch time, etc…

The Bus Ride

Not all daycare centers provide a pick up service in the form of a bus or a van, although this trend is catching on. And given the cost of fuel, more than likely, this is an extra perk with a price tag (but then, I don’t really know). However, before you load your dog on the bus or van, ask if you can ride on the bus to see if safety and common sense are practiced. Do the dogs behave? Are they secured properly? How long is the bus ride? Can they handle nervous dogs? And is there a meet and greet or training involved to get the dogs to ride without incident (such as picking fights with other dogs)? Whose driving the bus? What’s this driver’s experience driving a bus?

As always, research daycare facilities and the offerings. Ask for testimonies, ask other dog owners (you know) where they send their dogs during the working hours. Look for press coverage, ratings, and visit the facilities to have a guided tour. Since dog daycare is becoming a competitive field, you might be able to negotiate a fair price or put together a package depending on the days of the week and hours your dog requires.

The dog daycare isn’t for everyone, but the dogs who stay at them tend to be happier and better adjusted. They are less likely to tear up your couch, dig holes in the yard, or become runners and escape artists. It’s like that Cyndi Lauper song with a change in lyrics, “Dogs just wanna have fun.”

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Don’t forget to check out my video on Doggy Daycare.

Transforming Your Home into a Crystal Palace

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Are you someone who loves working with crystals and gemstones? Are you an energy-healer or an empath? You probably already have crystals in your home to create a sacred space, if not read on.

First, it’s important to realize that crystals and gemstones are powerful to work with and if you aren’t someone to watch your moods, thoughts, feelings, and words, then filling your home with crystals wouldn’t be in your best interest.

However, once you become a master of moods and realize the power of words and emotions, then finding the right crystals and the right placement for your home will enhance your life. And as always, know what your intentions before bringing in crystals (you can change your intentions later).

Second, if you’re going to commit to working with crystals, make sure you clear them by cleansing your space on a regular basis. You might even work with the Moon’s phases such as setting intentions with the New Moon and cleansing old energy with the Full Moon. You can use tuning forks and singing bowls to clear yourself and your space.

Third, keep in mind that some types of crystals and stones absorb energy, some project energy and some protect against unwanted energy. If you’re also going to bring in sound, chants, and other modalities, make sure that you are properly trained to avoid pitfalls with the crystals.

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

While we enjoy adding new stones and crystals to our collection (collecting crystals and stones is a worldwide trend), if we don’t show respect and use caution with these powerful stones, we could create catastrophe, especially with millions of people including crystals in their homes and spiritual practice.

We have heard of the fall of Atlantis and the misuse of crystals that led to that fall. We are once again at the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. We have entered the Age of Aquarius and this age focuses on energy, including crystalline energy. We can either create a healing force using crystals intentionally for the highest good, or we can allow greed and the lust for power to take over which would once again destroy civilization. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Creating a Crystal Palace

When I say crystal palace I’m not talking about building a house from crystals. Most people wouldn’t be able to afford that endeavor. However, we can create sacred spaces in our homes using crystals. Some people use Feng Shui to place their crystals. Others use Reiki and intuition. When you buy crystals research the crystals or stones first to see if they match your intention.

Ask yourself, “What is the purpose for bringing crystals into my home?” Are you creating a mediation space, a healing room, or are you using crystals to protect your home and the home’s inhabitants? Are you using crystals for spiritual growth or as part of an ascension process? Do you use the crystals to enhance spiritual communication? Or are you filling your home with crystals to create a healing space as part of a self-care situation?

Then decide which family of crystals you would like to align with. Are you looking to work with the quartz family or the calcite family? Is your preferred stone fluorite or lapis Lazuli or amethyst? What’s your budget? Expensive crystals are necessarily more powerful than inexpensive crystals or stones. The price of crystals and stones is determined by rarity, quality, and the harvesting of stones (ethnically harvested stones are more expensive but kinder to the Earth). The price is not determined by the power or uses for the crystals/stones.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t want to completely transform your life, don’t bring Moldavite into your home.

Less is more when it comes to crystals and stones. You can fill bowls and plates with smaller stones or choose three large crystals to anchor the four corners of a room or space. I suggest finding stone encyclopedias and learning about the matrices of the stones and the ways each stone can serve you (and the stones might choose not to serve).

Safety Tips

If you have pets or young children, it wouldn’t be a good practice to fill your home with bowls and plates of crystals. Stones could be mistaken for candy (and many stones are toxic too) or an animal might ingest a stone and you would have an emergency situation. So, use common sense when displaying stones. Purchase larger stones that can’t easily be swallowed and place them in areas the pets and children won’t have access.

Personally, I would keep stones away from young children because some stones include asbestos, lead, radiation, and mercury just to name a few toxic chemicals found yes, in natural stones. Remember to wash your hands after handling stones and crystals.

If you wish to charge a glass of water with stones, do not immerse the stones in the water. Instead, place the stones on the outside of a clear glass of water. The stones will charge the water based on the intention you set.

Finally, research the powers of each stone or crystal. For instance, the black stones tend to ward off unwanted energy and offer protection. Clear crystals project energy so if you live in a dysfunctional household where people shout profanity and fill the home with resentment and then you place quartz crystals on a windowsill, you are projecting resentment and hostility to your community. This is where mindfulness comes in.

Final Words

If you would like to transform your home into a crystal palace (sacred space), then becoming mindful is key. Take responsibility for the energies you release into the world. If you tend to suffer from negativity and toxic thoughts, then get mental health counseling or coaching to resolve dominant negative thoughts and attitudes prior to working with crystals.

Crystals help us to manifest our thoughts into reality. So, if your dominant thoughts are doomsday scenarios, then adding crystals to your home at this time would be a grave mistake. Work on yourself, cleanse your space, and practice mindfulness. Then, living in a crystal palace will bring you peace and prosperity.

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5 Benefits of Self-Reiki

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When I studied Reiki the instructor recommended that her students practice Reiki on themselves once or twice a day. At first, I practiced Reiki twice a day, in the morning upon waking and then before going to sleep. And since that time (which was during the spring of 2020), I have not skipped a day.

Oh, there have been times when my session was only ten minutes because I was traveling and on one occasion, I landed in a homeless shelter for a night. But for the most part, I do each hand position for three minutes. Sometimes I go five minutes for the hand positions. I also modified the hand positions since my Reiki training.

Reiki is more than a modality or a healing tool. For me, and for many others, Reiki is a lifestyle. For those of us who practice Reiki on clients, we need to keep our chakras free of energy blockages. We also need to become the healer that heals themselves. In other words, we need to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional stuff so that we don’t dump on our clients or project our own pain or emotions onto them.

Here are my five reasons for practicing self-Reiki at least once a day.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com


Reiki practitioners are empathic. We are sponges that take on other people’s problems. Some Reiki practitioners are also psychic and or are recovering co-dependents. They might come from abusive backgrounds or have suffered another type of trauma. How does anyone go through a lifetime without experiencing trauma?

We must take care of ourselves first so that we show up stronger for our clients. Plus, we get that extra boost to start or to end our day. Personally, I can do without any caffeine if I give myself a morning Reiki session. Set the intention that the Reiki boost your energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

When we practice on ourselves, we can experiment by adding other modalities such as using crystals or tuning forks. I also recommend keeping a Reiki journal to keep track of the combination of hand positions with crystals or sound healing tools.

Read books on Reiki and learn new meditations and hand positions. Try new approaches to keep your practice fresh and exciting. Remember that when you first practice on yourself and see the results, you can eventually share those same practices with your clients. Plus, the Reiki doesn’t feel stale or boring.

Reiki Cleanses the Aura

When we use Reiki on ourselves it’s a form of detoxing of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When we clear away the debris that comes to us from EMFs, bad food, or toxic energy from others, we are able to hear our intuition more clearly. We also hear the direction of our spirit guides and Reiki guides. I feel that’s especially important for healers who combine Reiki with angelic therapy. Clear the pathway for the benevolent spirits to enter.

Include Others in the Session

When I say include others, I’m not asking you to invite others to your home. This is about setting an intention of where the Reiki will flow. You can set the intention that others receive the Reiki at the beginning of the session or after you have built up the Reiki energy mid-way through the session. And you can send the Reiki to just about anywhere since Reiki does not know time or space. Remember to send the Reiki where it needs to go for Highest and Best. This way you don’t interfere with another being’s energy field.

Building Your Practice

Since Reiki can be used for any situation, why not use Reiki to build your practice. Set goals of where you would like to be as a person in six month or a year. You can do this with your Reiki business or as yourself as a person.

Would you like to be kinder, more patient, more humble? Set the intention of where you would like Reiki to take you on your journey of self-discovery.

Final Words

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Practicing self-Reiki on a daily basis helps you commit to the modality. It helps you transform and evolve over time. I know that I’m a different person than I was prior to learning and practicing Reiki. I’m calmer, more patient, and more forgiving despite every trauma that I’ve experienced.

Reiki also led me to learn other modalities such as working with crystals, animal communication, sound therapy, angel therapy, and coaching.

I’m someone who hasn’t been able to commit to anything during my lifetime. But Reiki changed that. I’m a hundred percent on board with Reiki and I know you can be too. Practice self-Reiki everyday and watch your life transform.

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