Reiki For When You’re Triggered

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When I studied Reiki, the Reiki Master warned the students to never send Reiki to someone without permission. As empaths, we want to fix everyone and everything so that we can feel more harmonious with the world. The best thing to do when we are triggered by world events or to a situation that happens to someone closer to us, is to practice self-Reiki to release the trigger.

This post is for attuned Reiki Practitioners (at least Level One).

I know as an animal Reiki practitioner, I’m triggered when I see videos of stray or abused animals. I’m triggered by destruction to the environment and to the rise of cancer in animals because of human behaviors. I also know that I need to calm my emotions and release my need to control events. This is true for all of us on a path as a healer, especially as an energy healer.

If you’re easily triggered, find out first what events or situations trigger you the most and then journal about them. Another practice is to sit down and do either a breathing or a light (focusing on light) meditation. If you focus on light, see a ball of light moving through your chakras and clearing them. You can park the light in either your solar plexus or your heart chakra. Then breathe into that light.

Contact and ask your Higher Self or I Am Presence what your role is in that situation. You might be surprised that your role is simply to engage in affirmative prayer or to meditate on the light. Once you generate an overabundance of light send the light out through the world and ask it to travel to a highest and best place.

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You can also practice self-Reiki with the hand positions and set the intention to resolve the issues causing you to feel triggered. Add singing bowls and tuning forks if you have them available. You can also combine crystals for your self-Reiki session.

I have an encyclopedia of crystals that I like to reference to or I turn to a page and see which crystals call to me. If I have the crystals I include them in my Reiki session and if I don’t, I call on the spirits of the crystals. Either way, you will still have the honor of working with the crystals you chose for your session.

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If you have the Solfeggio fork 174 hertz you can run this fork on your 7 main chakras going in circles counter clockwise to clear each chakra. And if you have a pendulum you can check each chakra to see if it has been cleared. If not, run the tuning fork in circles over that chakra again. Then once your chakras are cleared you can begin your Reiki session with the hand positions.

If you want to get more advanced, you can work with crystals and grids, but that’s a topic for a future article.

And remember to recite the Reiki Principles:

Just for today…I will not worry. Just for today…I resolve my anger. Just for today…I’m honest with myself and others. Just for today…I’m thankful. Just for today…I’m kind to myself and all living beings.

Finally, if you are attuned to Reiki (and you would be if you’re reading this article), work with the Reiki symbols or a symbol of your choice. This too, will help you release the triggered emotions and thoughts. I recommend the Emotional Healing Symbol (Si He Ki).

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We’re all being triggered right now emotionally and even physically. This is part of the process of owning and integrating our shadows. This is also teaching us how to set boundaries and know the difference between what is ours and what isn’t ours to take on. Know that just practicing self-Reiki each day and focusing on bringing more light into your body, you are healing the planet.

Other modalities I recommend is John Newton’s DNA Ancestral Clearing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching, and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping. But remember, there are many roads to liberation. Find what works best for you.

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