Tips on Crystal Reiki for Pets

Crystal Reiki combines the powerful grounding energies of gemstones with the focus of a Reiki session. Crystal Reiki isn’t just for humans. You can use it on your pets too.

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Here are five tips on how to combine crystals and Reiki.

  1. Keep it simple.

While you might have an array of gemstones and crystals that you enjoy working with, when you give a crystal Reiki session with an animal less is more. It’s best to use one or two stones. Don’t mistake the number of stones with the power of the session.

2. Place the stones near the animal but not on the animal.

Animals move and shift so the stones or crystals would fall off the animal. The animal might feel uncomfortable having a stone placed on his or her body.

It’s best to place a stone near the crown of the animal on the surface of a table or the floor. Place another one near the bottom of the spine or on the floor underneath a treatment table.

If you are giving a remote crystal Reiki session then do the same with your surrogate. If you work with a photograph or the name of the animal on a piece of paper, then place the crystals (or single crystal) on top of the paper.

3. Choose common or simple stones

You don’t need to use expensive with the stones you use for animal Reiki. Rose quartz or blue calcite bring calmness to the session and create a peaceful environment. Jasper will work too.

4. Use non-toxic stones

What many people don’t realize are that many gemstones contain heavy metals, asbestos, arsenic, and even radiation. When you use stones on your animal clients or your pets, research the mineral contents of each stones. Rose quartz is always a safe bet whereas Amazonite and fluorite are not.

5. Ask for permission of the animal

Often as Reiki practitioners we assume that if we have permission from the animal’s guardian then we also have the consent of the animal. And while it might sound strange to ask the animal’s consent this can be done telepathically or by using a healer’s intuition.

Perhaps, the animal agrees to the Reiki session but doesn’t want the energy of a crystal or gemstone. The animal might also want to sniff the crystal but don’t allow the animal to lick it (for the sake of safety).

One final note. If you are a Reiki practitioner who would like to include crystals in your practice, make sure that it is covered by your liability insurance for your practice. Not all insurance companies include this. When you are adding new features to your practice it’s a good idea to run it past your insurance company.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you practice Reiki or crystal Reiki on animals, feel free to leave your own tips in the comments.

If you would like a Reiki session for your pet, schedule an appointment on my Animal Reiki page. I also give animal communication sessions.

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