Intuitive Coaching 101: Why the LoA doesn’t Work During the Shift



When I was in my 20s, a shamanic friend introduced me to Shakti Gaiwan’s Creative Visualization. While I found the concept of magically creating my future through visualization strange, I jumped on board the manifestation train.

I was able to manifest a boyfriend (although I wish I hadn’t), a loan to attend a foreign exchange program in Ontario, and to meet a favorite rock band of mine. In fact, it seemed like there wasn’t anything I could not manifest. And I learned the lesson about saying, “For the highest good of all concerned” or I had to live with the consequences.

Many years after that, I befriended a musician who I called the Queen Manifestor. This woman manifested like a genie in a bottle. She wasn’t alone either because in the 1980s and the 1990s manifestation was a piece of cake. We weren’t yet paying our karmic bills (even though we reaped more karma) and we hadn’t yet encountered quantum realities. But I have to say the practices of that era are now null and void. They won’t work any longer because we are now paying off the karmic debts.

After I got on board with the Esther Hicks and other LoA teachers (this lasted for two or three years), I noticed that when I raised my frequency, tragic situations happened instead of magical manifestations of my desires. At first, I thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t living the life I desired. I noticed that other people I knew also on board with “you create your own reality,” were also not growing wealth, landing dream jobs, or relocating into beautiful homes. They had their share of problems too. So why weren’t the vision boards and manifestation wheels working for us? And why were so many of us plummeting into depression and ending up homeless in some cases?

I asked Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael about this last night. They showed me a dark room. And then someone flipped on the light. I could see some cobwebs and mold that I had not seen in the dark. Then they put in a brighter lightbulb and the cobwebs grew even more prominent. In fact, it took my focus away from the light. While I thought I was manifesting clear light, I was flipping on the light to see what required clearing out. Now, imagine this scenario with the collective.

The cobwebs represent our karmic debts and not only our personal karmic debts but also those of our ancestors which we inherited and of the collective consciousness. All the manifestation of consumer products only added to the burden of pollution on Gaia so that had to stop too. And not only that, we are expected to reassess our values because if we truly value diversity and life, then living in a destructive manner adds more cobwebs to the proverbial ceiling. The light alone does not solve the problem. It takes physical action too.

The shift in consciousness has us moving away from individual desires to the highest good of all concern. The archangels also mention that if our desires are for peace, harmony, and alignment with the stewardship of the planet then those desires will manifest in the right time and in the right way. We co-create with God so God has a say in how and when we manifest. The best practice for visualization is to use our imaginations to heal others, ourselves, and to restore balance on the planet.

Instead of visualizing a palatial home for two people, visualize an intentional community of people making a difference as they share and cooperate with each other. Visualize clean farming, clean water, and pure air. Visualize homes for everyone no matter their economic status. And visualize healthy habitats for non-humans.

Last but not least, we attract based on the light signals that we send out. If we send out signals from our subconscious in the way of old patterns and beliefs than those signals override our desires for a partner, vibrant health, and a new home. If our wounds send out the most powerful signals (because they go unresolved), we manifest more of the same people and situations that created the original wound. But think of it this way, if we pay attention to the patterns we heal them and move on.

We know that we have truly let go and moved on when we no longer meet the same kind of people or encountered the same types of situations. When we find that we have more blessings than we can handle and we share those blessings with others, then we have finally made the shift in consciousness to a higher dimension.

So, does the Law of Attraction work? Yes, it does, but it works with most powerful signals that we send out into the cosmos. It’s not focused on the conscious mind but more on the subconscious mind. Saying affirmations bring up our wounds so that we can clean them out and heal them. As far as I’m concerned, this is the spiritual path.

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