5 Reasons We Communicate with Animals

Animal communicators have been around as long as humans have lived with animals. But no one called people like Saint Francis of Assisi or even Jane Goodall an animal communicator in the past.

Sure, there have been movies such as The Horse Whisperer and the dog trainer, Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, but those were special people outside of the mainstream way of thought. Those are special people bordering on the realm of magical thinking and fantasy, except that we all have the ability to communicate with animals. And animal communication is a real thing and not a Disney movie.

The Saami people of the Nordic countries and Russia communicate with the natural world including animals through the use of chants called yoiks. The yoiker connects with the essence of the animal and then chants to the animal or even tree. They carry the vibration or frequency of that animal which is translated into a chant or yoik (song). The animal reciprocates this energy and an exchange takes place. I learned how to yoik in 2003 and it offers a powerful exchange with an animal, yet, it’s not truly animal communication in the therapeutic sense.

Traditional Indigenous people, especially the musicians and the shamans also have a gift to communicate with the natural world. It borders again on the mystical. However, animal communicators of our modern and digital era have a more practical approach. Yes, we use telepathy but we also, when we are with an animal in person, watch the body language and the vocalization of the animal we communicate with.

Animal communicators have appeared in podcasts, talk shows, documentaries, and radio shows popularizing interspecies communication. And many animal communicators teach others how to communicate with their pets or other people’s pets. They bring animal communication down to earth thus giving guardians of pets a new avenue to understand their pets better.

And some people might ask, “Why communicate with animals at all?” And here are my 5 reasons why we communicate with animals.

  1. To address behavioral issues that are destructive to the living environment, others, as in humans, or to the animal with the behavior.
  2. To bond more deeply with a pet.
  3. To help an animal through transition such as moving from a shelter to a home (or from a stable home into a shelter).
  4. To help the animal through the end-of-life process.
  5. To help the animal deal with the loss of a loved one such as another pet or a human.

That’s only the five main reason we communicate with animals. I believe interspecies communication will become more crucial as the planet shifts and humans evolve their consciousness. We inhabit this planet with thousands of species (I’m sure more than that), and for the most part, the other species seem like mysteries to us. It’s too easy to anthropomorphize and to assume we know what an animal is thinking or feeling. But ironically, when we communicate with the animal directly, using telepathy and images, we realize we were completely wrong in our assumptions.

When we communicate with other species, we raise the species in status and make them our equals. We learn to respect them and even their boundaries. And though we only have a handful of things in common with them, we learn to get along to bring balance to the planet.

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