Transformation from Journalist to Spiritual Medium

Most people would not find much in common between a journalist and a spiritual medium. Popular media, including the book publishing industry portrays spiritual mediums or psychics that converse with spirits on the other side of the veil, as theatrical and at best, mysterious. So, where does a practical journalist fit into this?

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For decades, I was fascinated with spiritual mediums such as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce and yes, I did read one of the Seth books. After friends in college introduced me to new age spirituality (I had no idea it existed until I went to college), I took a deep dive into everything from angel therapy to energy-healing, to card reading, and spiritual mediumship. I delved into past lives and attended spiritual conferences and workshops.

But all that was on the side of my professions as an arts journalist and musician. I’m sure that many people found me woo-woo from the get-go even if I tried my best for many years to hide that side of myself. After all, I grew up in a small town where hardly anyone lived outside of a prescribed box. And despite my far out friends at the university and also in Seattle, I was still programmed to be normal and even average, even though I’m actually a free-thinker who despises programming.

I felt most comfortable working as a journalist or hiding behind the lens of my camera instead of in front of it. I longed to be a successful novelist and leave journalism and everything else behind, but that has not transpired yet and I need to make a living doing something interesting and meaningful. I’m a born entrepreneur who lives outside of the box inventing my life as I go along. However, going public as a spiritual medium without credentials frightened me. Didn’t they burn people like me on the stakes in previous eras? During modern times people just shame and ridicule you and destroy your reputation.

In 2008, I was thrilled to land a contract covering the fine and performing arts for a small town newspaper. But this gig only lasted until May of 2009. I lost my only source of income during a time when no one was hiring. That was the crash of 2008 and the recession that followed. Journalism was dead as far as a profession and the only articles I could publish were ones I published for free.

I scrambled to find work here and there but nothing to sustain me. I moved to Bellingham, Washington where I met an astrologer and coach. He convinced me to read charts professionally. This led me to launch an astrology blog. Since I had been in a serious profession as a journalist, I was unable to give up that pragmatic side of myself. So, I delved into astrological tomes to see what the astrological experts shared. And I also continued with another hobby which was music research. I got good at regurgitating the works of Liz Green and Steven Arroyo. I heard my inner voice shouting at me to return to journalism where I belonged.

Sadly, the astrology (even with some clients and a promising beginning) and the music research didn’t cover my rent or other expenses. And while all that was going on, I was talking to spirits in my thoughts. I practiced automatic writing and I felt invisible hands helping me write books and create workshops as well as, blog posts.

I listened to the spiritual mediums, especially Sandra Anne Taylor and her sister Anne Klingler on Hay House Radio. And I had no idea that I was also a spiritual medium. I thought, no that couldn’t be. I’m making this stuff up. How could I be a spiritual medium when I had no formal training? There are no spiritual mediums in my lineages that I know about. Where did I acquire this skill?

Yes, I spoke with angels and yes, I spoke with saints and eventually, I spoke with Ascended Masters, but was that mediumship? Isn’t mediumship talking to people’s dead relatives and blowing audiences away on talk shows while everyone sits in their chairs with their jaws dropping and tears gushing out of their eyes? That’s clearly not what happened in my work. And yet, dead people (famous dead people) kept knocking on my door of my mind and starting conversations with me. They spoke about topics I had no familiarity with. They led me to books and articles about them. They led me to people in their professions. They led me on quests.

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Eventually, I tuned into Amanda Ellis’ YouTube channel. Well, actually the channel found me when I was on YouTube one day looking for another YouTube hosts channel. And here was a normal everyday person channeling the likes of Michael Jackson, George Michael and Princess Diana. Really? Is this even possible? Could I have been doing this all along? Oddly, Amanda and I around the same age and share the same Sun Sign, Cancer. Cancerians are excellent spiritual mediums because we tune into subtle realms easier than most signs. Most of my planets are in Water Signs which makes me a vessel for communication with spirits.

So, then I experimented with channeling famous dead people and I uploaded those videos on my astrology channel on YouTube and I believe I shared some of those videos on the Higher Self channel, also on YouTube. And my YouTube channel gained another 1,000 followers, even though the bulk of subscribers are on the channel to watch astrology videos. But hey folks, that’s all channeled at this point.

While I still feel shy about sharing my channeled messages with the world, I have spoken with Chief Seattle, Frank Lloyd Wright, Martin Luther King, Jr., Linda McCartney, John Lennon, Eva Cassidy (a regular), Nick Drake, George Harrison (who wants the dog I fostered), Ravi Shankar, Aretha Franklin, Robin Williams (twice), Dr. Seuss, Louise Hay, Glenn Gould, and many others. And yes, I connected with Michael Jackson too. Recently, I reconnected with David Bowie for a very powerful video which you’ll find on my The Lyra Star Messenger channel on Vimeo.

I’m a megaphone for the dead. They have messages for us and most people simply can’t or won’t listen to spirits talking to them. Synchronicity is spirits communicating to us. They could be dead relatives or famous people. This isn’t name-dropping. Spiritual mediumship is a humble profession for everyone except triple Leos. And it’s exhausting work. Some nights I don’t even sleep well even if I’m in a trance for most of the night hours. I often wake up foggy and exhausted. And I don’t make a living off any of this work.

In a way, it’s like journalism in that I have not been able to find a paying market for my work as a spiritual channel. And since my training is as a journalist, my style of communicating with spirits is through an interview process. No spirit has permission to use my body or my voice physically. They speak to me telepathically and then I convey their words and images.

So, that’s the journey from my endeavors as an independent journalist to a spiritual medium. Perhaps, this sounds familiar to you. Perhaps, you have similar experiences. After all, the veil between worlds is thinning more each day. We are all connected on both sides of the veil. This brave new world is now.

If you are also receiving messages from spirits of famous people, leave your comments below and thanks for sharing.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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