The Reiki Principles–Resolving Anger

Never take the 5 Reiki Principles for granted. A true Reiki practitioner, especially at the Master Level, practices or at least reflects on the principles each day. Each of us has a particular principle or perhaps, more than one principle which we find challenging. For me, it’s “Just for today, I will resolve my anger.”

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Anger is everywhere in our society from people shooting another to repressed anger coming out as sarcasm or other passive-aggressive behaviors. It comes through in harsh words. It comes through in the idea of competition or the grit in our life circumstances. However, anger is just an energy. It only becomes a problem when we become stranded in the land of anger.

A positive side of anger is that it motivates us to make changes in ourselves and in our lives. If we don’t want to keep burning our hand on the stove then we use a potholder to protect our hands. If we constantly feel frustrated or irritated with our job or boss, we can use anger to motivate us to find another job or at least to take steps in that direction.

Anger also shows us where we are wounded. It’s where our shadows lie, if we can admit that we have shadows. We all have them. Even the saints had shadows. Jesus had shadows. Buddha had shadows. And no ascended person is beyond experiencing anger. But what an ascended person does allows the anger to flow through them and to learn from it. Or in the very least, to ride the wave of that anger to the wound so that it can be healed. When a situation no longer triggers us, we have healed it.

So, as I recite the principles and I get to the second one regarding anger, I have caught myself rushing past it. Yet, I’ve had many triggering moments during the past several months, if not the past decades. When I feel this anger, I know it’s in my best interest to pray and to surrender it to a higher power. I can also turn to tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique tapping or John Newton’s forgiveness prayer (Ancestral DNA clearing). Or I can turn to Reiki and feel the anger in my body as sensations and colors as I seek out the original wound.

Oh, but there are circumstances in which my wounded ego would rather stew or engage in vengeful thoughts. “Oh, she’ll get hers for treating me like that.” Or “How dare they treat me with disrespect.” The problem is we meet people at different levels of consciousness and some people are going to trigger us, like it or not.

Just because I practice Reiki doesn’t prevent narcissists and sociopaths from showing up on my path. However, I can use Reiki to lift myself above the situation so that I see it from a different vantage point and refuse to take it personally. I can also use Reiki to build my confidence so that I don’t beat myself up just because another person is vicious and it’s hard for me to fathom a person like that. It’s true that my inner child wants to like everyone and for them to like me back. But get real.

The truth is situations and people will trigger an anger response in us. It’s up to us to choose to stay in the heat or to find ways to resolve it. Ignoring or pushing anger away won’t resolve it. And in fact, we’ll keep meeting people who trigger us until we address and resolve the original wound. If anything, Reiki is a master teacher who expects a deeper level of commitment from practitioners.

Spiritual teachers tell us that the Earth is a school and we are all here to learn and grow. Sometimes I doubt the validity of this because I have met people who refuse to evolve, at least for the time being. Maybe I’m missing subtle changes because I feel enraged with their behaviors towards me. Because I experience outrage when I’m dealt another injustice or someone gaslights me because they can.

I’ve struggled with anger for my entire life. Learning Reiki only has shined a spotlight on the ways I deal or don’t deal with this explosive emotion. I’m sure that in his humanity, Master Usui, who created the 5 Reiki Principles for himself and his students experienced moments of anger. He knew this was one of the big 5 obstacles that spiritual seekers encounter on their quest for enlightenment. But how will we show up when presented with this hot potato emotion?

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