Intuitive Coaching 101–Let Go of Old Stories

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

When I asked my guides why I keep repeating the same patterns in my life, they chuckled. I was referring to situations around finding permanent housing and putting my foot in my mouth during crucial moments. I thought this had to do with the usual issue of self-worth, but I was wrong.

Recently, I repeated a pattern of losing a chance at a nice apartment because I didn’t want to hand my social security number out for a credit check. In fact, I was furious that my past rental history didn’t suffice and now I had to hand over my personal information so that strangers could spy on me. At least that’s how I saw it at the time.

So I tormented myself for several days while I begged God to help me forgive myself. Why, I lamented Job-like as I emotionally beat myself up. Then the answer finally came during one of my still moments as I laid in bed between dreams.

“If you keep rehashing the same stories about the apartments that got away don’t you keep that energy alive in your vortex which means you’ll repeat the pattern.”

I chuckled. Of course, I would repeat patterns if I kept rehashing stories. However, I’m not the only one who dusts off those old stories and brings them into the public arena. And as I tell those stories to new willing ears, I notice a gnawing in my gut, which tells me that telling those stories only lowers everyone’s vibration and then creates more of the same.

And if that’s true for me, then why do so many famous spiritual healers and teachers keep rehashing their stories? True, some of these stories revolve around fascinating near-death experiences, or recovery from addiction, or the chestnut rags to riches story that makes for good copy, both written and movie narrative. And these stories often appear in manipulative marketing copy which says, “I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there. I’ll even tell you my personal story in excruciating detail so that you can relate to me much deeper–trust me and then purchase my expensive product, at a discount of course.”

My guides tell me that this is the old way of living and the old way of sharing our skills with others or our message to the world. The answer is to live in this moment and let the past go. When we rehash our old stories, we not only keep ourselves stuck (even if we appear successful to the outside world), we keep others stuck. Not only that, we have others digging through their brains in search of their own Cinderella stories. What a waste of everyone’s time!

God doesn’t exist in the past, but in the present moment. We create the next moment in this moment, and if we truly wish to live a new life, then we must let the stories go. Even writing them down and transforming them into books keeps us stuck in the past. It’s heavy baggage even if in the past these stories inspired us. That was how we did business and how we lived when it was a different world. We know more now. We know about the power of words and we know that we create in this moment by telling new stories.

But some teachers and healers are going to keep ego genuflecting by telling their stories because it sells copy and book publishers enjoy the profits that result. And that’s okay, for those people who want to keep the status quo and don’t want to shift energy on Planet Earth. And while I rehashed my stories in the past, I did that because I thought I had to to fit in with other teachers and healers.

Now, I know different. Showing up authentic means we show up as who we are today, not yesterday. And we must ask ourselves, are our stories so important that we would risk repeating the same patterns and spending thousands of dollars to heal ourselves of those patterns? When all we have to do is change the channel and tell a new story instead.

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