Intuitive Coaching 101: Calming the Anxiety Beast

dscn2739During my earlier adult years, I’m sure that I suffered from low-level anxiety. I ignored it for the most part because I didn’t notice that it was blocking my progress. I felt sympathy for people who mentioned feeling paralyzed by their anxiety, but I never thought that would happen to me. Then, I went through menopause and realized that I suffered from post trauma from childhood and adult experiences.

Now, I have also read that as the planet undergoes its ascension, many of us are suffering from intense anxiety. In fact, it is listed as an ascension symptom on a variety of blogs and in videos. Many people find that their monkey minds ruminate over worst-case scenarios and this leads to anxiety attacks. Others are triggered by other people’s intentional and unintentional behaviors. For me, hearing anything slamming such as doors or cabinets or someone throwing a tantrum triggers anxiety attacks.

I’m not an expert on post-trauma even if my experiences count for something. However, I do know of some practices that have calmed the beast in me. And I have also learned that will power won’t heal the problem. It doesn’t help to beat anxiety into submission. We need to be around gentle people and also be a gentle person to ourselves. This means, cut narcissists and sociopaths out of our lives. Often, times sensitive people who suffer from trauma get involved with narcissists because narcissists are energy predators and sensitive people are prey.

I am working with various modalities including Lifespan Integration Therapy, John Newton’s Ancestral DNA clearing, homeopathy, flower essences, and spending time in nature. Unfortunately, I currently face the challenge of living in a household with a housemate who triggers anxiety in me. However, this has allowed me to put some of the practices you see below to the test. And everything on this list helps to one degree or another. The most effective help has come through watching Hay House documentaries and through listening to Abraham Hicks videos on YouTube.


  1. Put on your favorite music and dance. African drums, Cuban son, salsa, and other rhythmic music work best. But you can also slow dance or sway to softer music.
  2. Sing, hum, or chant
  3. Watch feel-good movies (not movies with dramas or traumas)
  4. Stay clear of mainstream media (which controls us by provoking anxiety)
  5. Spend time in a natural setting
  6. Meditate
  7. Breathe practices
  8. Practice yoga
  9. Hang out with gentle and supportive people
  10. Watch animal videos on YouTube
  11. Animal therapy
  12. Sound healing and music therapy
  13. Coloring or sketching
  14. Photo-therapy
  15. Get creative
  16. Place images around you of places and things that please you
  17. Join an online support group that offers tools and does not commiserate
  18. Eat a healthy diet free of caffeine, sugar, and other trigger foods
  19. Make sure you have enough magnesium in your diet (ionic magnesium is best)
  20. Take regular Epsom salt baths
  21. Use essential oils, Bach flower remedies, and homeopathy
  22. Energy healing (I also like the clearing work of John Newton)
  23. Humor (find something to laugh at or someone to laugh with)

Feel free to add any more anxiety-reducing practices in the comments. Sign up for a coaching session or e-mail me at wholemusicexp at And if you plan on making any purchases from Hay House, please click on the affiliate ads on Whole Astrology and then make your purchase. This brings me income in the form of commissions. Thank you.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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