The Practice: Tools for Every Metaphysician

DSCN8883If you are a veteran or new to metaphysics, then you’ll know about the following supplies for your tool kit:

A set of gemstones geared towards your personal health and well-being

A set of runes with a guide book

A set of tuning forks if you practice sound healing (or tune bowls)

Your favorite self-help books

At least one deck of oracle cards and one deck of Tarot

Reiki music or another new age type CD or download (for meditation)

A space to create your personal altar

A journal

Materials for making collages or vision boards

Beeswax candles and sage

Aromatherapy oils (essential oils)

Flower essences (think Bach Flower Remedies)

And a planetary guide book

Feel free to add other items to this list. If money is a problem, it is possible to find raw gemstones on beaches. You can find card decks in used bookstores (especially used metaphysical bookstores). You can also find self-help books used or ask the Universe for what you need and watch how the books show up. I once reviewed books and interviewed spiritual authors (was gifted with books).

If you would like a more personalized approach to building your metaphysical practice, I offer coaching with astrology or cards. Sign up at Whole Astrology. You can also find me as Astrologer Patricia on YouTube and on the Higher Self channel (YouTube). Payment is through PayPal and Skype sessions are available.


Published by pnwauthor

I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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