5 Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors

Photo by Inge Wallumru00f8d on Pexels.com

I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I’ve seen about lost cats. And I also can’t tell you the number of times people tell me that they don’t take their cats to the vet, even for an outdoor cat.

Well, that is double-trouble since cats are likely to acquire diseases while out roaming the neighborhood and other places. They could also encounter stray cats and feces left behind by other creatures such as raccoons which could carry harmful bacteria. (But cat diseases will be left for another post).

Here are five reasons to keep your cats indoors.

  1. Cats go missing which causes grief for the guardian and everyone who reads the missing cat posts on social media
  2. Diseases acquired from other cats, especially feral cats
  3. Cats killed by predators such as coyotes, eagles, and possibly dogs
  4. Some people steal cats
  5. The cat is killed by an automobile or other machinery

And while this is rare, I know one woman whose neighbor shot her cat.

And here are bonus reasons for keeping cats indoors.

  1. Cats kill birds
  2. They poop in vegetable gardens
  3. They can pick up fleas and bring those into your house

I realize that cat-owners envision their cat out hunting during the day and finding enjoyment in the great outdoors even if that is only a few suburban blocks. And I understand that we all need fresh air and exercise. It is possible to walk your cat on a leash, even if this does seem like a circus act. And it’s possible to build a cat run or fence in a porch or patio so that cat can go outdoors for fresh air.

While I think it’s best to keep cats safe, I would also miss having a cat approach me on the street. I enjoy encountering cats and hearing them talk to me. But I would rather cats be kept safe from predators, cars, and diseases.

I’m sure this article seems even tyrannical to some cat-owners. But you don’t see us allowing our dogs to roam the neighborhood. And if we did, you can be sure someone would post on social media, “I saw a yellow lab roaming our neighborhood. Is this your dog?”

There are climbing gyms and different types of structures that can be placed in a home for cats to exercise while keeping the pet safe at home. There’s nothing sadder than a cat being killed by a coyote or an eagle. This might even sound far-fetched that a coyote would kill a city cat, but it happens. Even Seattle has had coyote sightings. And in Bellingham one year, cat collars were found in an eagles nest. I don’t remember the number of collars but it was more than ten.

If you want to see more posts about cats please leave the request in the comments below. I’ve seen some disturbing trends I wouldn’t mind writing short articles about.

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