5 Reasons to Befriend Shadow Workers

With a title like that you probably think that I’m asking you to play on the darker side of life. I’m not. Shadow workers are on the planet as whistleblowers, true-tellers, and to blow the lid off personal lies we tell ourselves and lies floating around in the collective.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

While most people flock to the light worker, often light workers are shadow workers in denial. Just because someone practices yoga, is certified in Reiki (all three levels), and works as a massage therapist, does not mean he/she isn’t a shadow worker. On the contrary. At time when nothing makes sense anymore, in walks the shadow worker to blow off the lid of the dark practices that have nearly destroyed the Earth.

I recently found a novel by John English called The Shift in a free library. I had never heard of the author who acted more as a spiritual channel for the book and not a literary artist. The novel was published in 2003 but speaks of the times we currently reside. The story, in some ways, reminds me of The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, a well-known author but not a literary artist either, not that it matters at this point. Both Redfield and English are shadow workers and their work is important to read, especially as we stand on the precipice of ascension versus world destruction.

Shadow workers are legion. They are in every industry and in every neighborhood. And here are 5 reasons to befriend a shadow worker or if you are one yourself, to fully accept this role bestowed upon you.

  1. Someone needs to tell you the truth

That’s right. If you go along blindly with the mainstream narratives told to you by the pseudo-news entertainment (even people who work for broadcast news have said the news is entertainment), then you are walking down a blind alley. Your life is in peril, not just danger. You’re in danger of losing your personal rights. The shadow worker will point this out. You might squirm and wiggle your way out of that conversation.

However, the truth shall set you free. The shadow worker would never lie to you or gas light you. If you’re dealing with a gas lighter then walk away. A shadow worker is sworn to the truth. They made a vow before arriving on the Earth to play that role at this time.

2. The shadow worker will support you in your time of need

Nothing is too dark or crazy for the shadow worker. Depending on their expertise, they work in the fields of shamanism, hospice care, or in professions most people fear. They will help a sick friend (even someone with a contagious disease). They don’t change the topic when you talk about your disease. They won’t turn you away because you have cancer. They will lend an ear. They will make sure you are properly nourished, including the nourishment of your soul. Shadow workers are loyal and trustworthy.

3. Shadow workers don’t mince words and they get to the point

When the blank hits the fan and you’re standing on your last leg, shadow workers will help you take responsibility for what is yours and they will help you fight your enemies. They won’t allow you to act like a victim or play the role of a martyr. They will help you find your strength. However, since we are running out of time to shift the energies on the planet, these folks won’t engage in flowery language. They get straight the point and they’ll cut through the dung (metaphorically).

4. Shadow workers are natural channels/mediums

You ever wonder where your friend comes up with solutions? It’s like they are downloading from God/Source or that angels whisper the right words and actions into their ears. This is because shadow workers channel solutions and actions to take. They seem like first responders both in the spiritual and the physical sense because they are. Most shadow workers are actually fearless or become so.

5. Shadow workers lift us up

Don’t underestimate a shadow worker’s sense of humor. They are also creative storytellers and gifted speakers. They write the books we need to read whether those books are well-written in the literary sense or not. It’s the message that counts and not the typos or misuse of adjectives. Step away from your egos and don’t get trapped in industry standards that were set too high in the first place. Don’t shoot the messenger but take the message to heart. It could save your life.

If you are a shadow worker or know of one, please leave your comments below. I am a shadow worker and I need your support. Unfortunately, shadow workers don’t receive the same popularity online as their light worker cousins.

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