Intuitive 101–Advice vs. Inner Guidance

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Last August I had a session with channel Frank Butterfield (Communion of Light). He said many shocking things to me. Frank told me to stop following other people’s advice and follow my own inner wisdom. He said that I was already a Master Manifestor, even though I could not take those words to heart at the time. After all, I only had 13 days to find a new home and I was suffering from panic attacks.

Yet, during the past year I have realized that I don’t actually want anyone’s advice. And Frank also told me to stop manipulating other people to get them to do what I think they must do. And when I practiced alignment instead of going and getting, the right people showed up at the right time–sometimes at zero hour. At first, I gave into drama or spun some drama of my own knowing full-well the world did not require anymore drama. No one wants to sit in those cheap seats any longer viewing so-called reality entertainment. I know I don’t. I’ve even grown bored of my stories. And that’s a very good thing.

So here’s what I learned. When we mind our own business and allow others to mind their own business, evolution occurs. This happens because we’re not interfering with other people’s life paths. And haven’t we all grown tired of self-righteous attitudes posing as well-meaning intentions. “I meant well,” she says as she slams the door in your face and calls you ungrateful in the process.

If we want to burn out, then trying to help others or shove our well-meaning intentions on them is the way to go. But if we want to walk on our own lit path, then the best way to do that is to allow people to stumble along their path. The best way to help an addict for instance, is to walk away and live your own life. And that might mean seeking therapy for co-dependence. Remember like attracts like so if you find yourself attracted to people requiring “rescuing” or “your help” because that makes you feel better, than you might wish to leave your ego with the hat check girl.

As I traveled a rocky road during the past year (literally my journey began on July 31, 2015), I’ve learned the following lessons:

No one needs my advice except for them to tune into their own inner guidance

I don’t know what’s best for others, but I do know what’s best for me

I actually don’t want anyone’s advice because I’m enjoying this learning curve

When I figure something out for myself, I gain confidence and power

I’m the only one who knows what’s best for me and you are the only one who knows what’s best for you

The flow of synchronicity will lead people to their answers

We might be part of that synchronicity but only if we come from an authentic place

We can’t chew other people’s food for them

Just because someone’s life looks like a mess does not imply that they’re not on the right path

Just because someone’s life looks messy does not mean their healing modalities aren’t working (and in fact, they are working thus the mess)

Our souls called forth the circumstances in our lives for reasons

Never help someone out because you feel guilty or “bad” for them

On the other hand, while giving advice usually isn’t too helpful, practical and physical help lifts others up. Help a person move home. Help a person with a lift to a destination if they don’t have a car. If someone is sick go to the store for them or cook them a meal. Give hugs and not your opinions. Love others where they are without judgement or projections.

When someone asks you for advice, ask them to tune into their hearts. Tell them to go within and listen to their souls. That’s where the true answer and empowerment live. Ask them to recall their nightly dreams and to listen to their gut. If anything teach others how to hear their intuition and listen to their gut.

Instead of giving advice or shoving it on them because it makes you feel useful (ego), ask the following questions. “What would make you feel better right now?” “What is bothering you the most about this situation?” “What would you like to see happen next?” “What is your next best step?” “What do you need from me?”

Now, if the person finds themselves in a true crisis. If their life is in danger or they are putting someone else’ life in danger, stop and call 911. And if your job is helping people through crisis then this post probably doesn’t apply to you directly. But understand that everyone has inner guidance and things aren’t always what they seem. The Chinese have a proverb about opportunity existing in a chaos.

A year ago, my life was a complete mess. Some people gave up on me while others stuck by this messy process we call growth. A person could be homeless one day and a millionaire the next week. Someone could have cancer when you meet them and a year later embracing a life as a raw-foods vegan and leading spiritual retreats. Don’t doom other people with statistics or “reality” checks. The truth is we don’t know the inner power that exists in all of us. Everyone has potential and it’s often reached when the person gets in touch with their soul. But they can’t do that when we surround them in well-meaning advice. We just don’t know.  But they do.

Growth is messy. Think of the mess we make when we clean out a closet. We pull everything out and all this junk and gems clutter a room. We decide what to toss, what to recycle, what to give away, and what to keep. Then we organize the keepers on shelves, in baskets, and plastic containers. Then when the job is done, we give a sigh of relief and possibly pleasure. I don’t know about you, but when I handle my own problems in the way that feels best to me, I develop more confidence. I feel empowered. I think it’s the same for everyone. Help in ways that don’t stifle growth or evolution of another. Be discerning of co-dependent behavior or a martyr attitude. Everyone has God inside them. Everyone has angels watching over them. Everyone has intuition. Everyone.

Sign up for a coaching empowerment session or for an astrology report at Whole Astrology Together you and I discern your next best step as dictated by your inner wisdom. In this way our wise souls mingle and empower both of us.



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