Connected with The Spirits of Animals

Perhaps, it seems impossible to some that an animal communicator can work with an animal that is 3,000 miles away. I work from photographs and the communication I received from the animals is accurate. When I speak to the animals I’m connected with a longtime friend called Spirit.

Horses by Timur Abasov is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0

Animal communication has been around for centuries. In fact, in ancient times before we became the humans that we are today, we all communicated with other species. Perhaps, this is precognitive or pre-language of words. I wonder if we created through images, feelings, and sensations. Today animal communicators use words, sensations, feelings, and images. We also use sounds. It depends on the communicator’s special gifts.

When I gaze into the photograph of the animal my body is flooded with feelings. My third eye opens up like a movie screen. Sometimes I’m shown funny images and other times, sad ones. I also work with symbols the animals send me. The animals seem almost human when they speak to me and yet, they are otherworldly because their perceptions are not human at all. They show me the world from four feet or from great heights as they wing their way above the Earth. Or maybe I’m shown the grounded perspective of a lizard or a snake. The gifts the creatures share with me are priceless.

But when a client hires me to communicate with the animals in their care or guardianship, they have specific situations in mind they ask me to explore. And the clients are brave souls for they bare their egos when they ask their animals to tell them the truth of a situation. Remember humans are half of whatever problem needs to be solved. Animals don’t act up for no reason. Animal communication is a tool for deepening relationships between animals and their guardians.

Often times, animals harbor grievances and complaints they want to resolve. And overtime the animal can develop resentment and his or her unwanted behaviors increase thus putting the animal in danger of being dumped off at a shelter or worse. Hiring an animal communicator prevents animals ending up in shelters or being discarded. But that’s only if the animal’s guardian is humble and can take some constructive criticism. Often times, it is the unconscious behaviors or attitudes that leads to the destructive behaviors of the pets.

Animal communicators play many roles and one of them is a diplomat. It’s not enough to learn telepathy and interpretive skills. An animal communicator must also hone interpersonal communication skills and to deliver their analysis with tact. An animal communicator loves animals and cares about their welfare. However, coming off as a strident animal activist or a militant vegan won’t help anyone. We don’t have to agree with the client’s lifestyle or attitude but we must reveal the causal effect on the pets.

Animal communication is a skill we can all learn. And in fact, the original humans had this skill as part of their survival toolkit. When humans migrated to urban environments and left the country life behind, they lost this gift. They also lost their center of reference and their connection to Gaia. Through animal communication we regain our true identity on this planet which is to be in alignment with every species and being in the collective field of consciousness.

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