North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)

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As a Cancerian, I feel like I’m a reliable spokesperson for the North Node in Cancer and the way this particular node is shaping the collective. The North Node is not a planet but a marker on an astrology chart that lets us know where the transits for the eclipses. Yet, the North Node is also a marker that lets us know where the collective is heading next.

(I want to thank She Bear who inspired this post with one of her YouTube videos).

There are two nodes representing the north and the south. The North Node is where we are heading and has lessons attached to it. The South Node represents where we’ve been and where we feel most comfortable (even to our disadvantage). The Nodes always appear in opposite signs so if the North Node falls in Cancer, then the South Node falls in Capricorn. The Nodes stay in a single sign for 18 years and move counter-clockwise on the Zodiac Wheel. So, on May 6, 2020, the North Node moves into Gemini (with a new set of lessons) and the South Node moves into Sagittarius.

The North Node transited into Cancer at 29 degrees on November 7, 2018 (it was in Leo for the previous 18 months). So, this meant that the eclipses would fall in Cancer and Capricorn for the next year-and-a-half with some overlap of adjacent signs. The Nodes shape the experiences we have with the collective as well as, local communities. They shape the way we see the world and the type of lessons tossed in our faces. If we don’t pay attention, then it seems that the nodal energy grows in intensity, especially as the Earth is ascending and so is the collective.


Cancer represents the home, mothers, the matriarch side of the family and it can represent a child’s experience in the home or a child’s experience with the mother. Cancer rules introspection, self-reflection, intuition, nourishment, and the ways we either nurture others or detach emotionally from others. So, often Cancerians prefer to stay indoors with the door shut to the world in the way that a crab hides in its crusty shell. Since Cancer is the ruler of The Moon, the eclipses during this nodal transits represent an emotional ride and the shifting of our moods.

While there are many transits involved with the current epidemic traveling around the globe, the hysteria and paranoia could be attached to the North Node in Cancer along with Neptune in Pisces and to an extent Saturn and Pluto’s exact conjunction in Capricorn (the polar opposite of Cancer) which took place on January 12, 2020. But the North Node in Cancer does represent the stay-at-home, social distancing, spending more time with the family, and getting in touch with our feelings.

While we experience the inconvenience of canceling events or not being able to move freely around the world or hearing a virus mentioned like a mantra by news reporters and frightened people, we could look at the brighter side. We could practice gratitude if we have food to consume, clean water (many people don’t have this),  sunlight, and mother nature blossoming around us (or in the case of the southern hemisphere, dying around us). In either case, it is a time when some food is growing or being harvested.

Where I am in the world, the virus began sweeping across the globe and landing here in February so it was still winter. And like other people, I found myself experiencing panic and meltdowns. That is until I discovered Reiki videos and return to my spiritual and daily practices. I gave up eating sugar last November which was a good move since sugar might be a food source for viruses and sugar is known to lower immunity. Sugar wasn’t nourishing me and I responded to the energies of the North Node and planets in Capricorn by restricting my diet.

I have also heard people admit that now that they are spending more time at home, they are getting back to projects that they didn’t have time for when they were too busy running around. I have the urge, like many others, to grow some vegetables and fruit, for our own consumption and for the neighbors. We can also see how far each person has evolved by their responses to the epidemic.

Are people going to be hateful and blame others or shame others? Or are we going to reach deep into our hearts and unearth kindness and compassion? Are we going to protect the health of the most vulnerable around us or are we going to flaunt our nastiness like one man in Washington State did by throwing a patriot party on Whidbey Island (Washington State) which would spread the virus? Perhaps, the harmful individuals will spend their time in the confinement of prison while their energies are quarantined from the collective.

This is not just a virus. This is a time to reflect on the ways we have destroyed the eco-systems on this planet. It’s a time to reflect on our selfish behavior whether that’s globetrotting in a plane while burning up the skies or the overconsumption of plastic and cheap goods which end up in the ocean. It’s a time to heal the planet and heal the rifts in our own families or communities. It’s time to prioritize housing for every human, even if that means building tiny functional homes in refugee camps or on community land trusts for homeless populations. It’s not about the bottom line any longer or financial returns. It’s about serving the collective by tuning into our intuition on the ways to nourish others in a sustainable way.

I was wondering why there are Navy jets roaring in the skies above me when there is no need for war. Everyone in the world is experiencing this virus and it seems to me that our focus should be on healing one another instead of killing each other. If we must stay home then why aren’t the military men and women also staying home? We need to look for ways to boost our immune system instead of going to war with another nation or a virus. There will be other viruses after this one and will we learn to be a healing force on the planet or will scramble to return to lifestyles that were actually killing us faster than any virus.

Sometimes I can look into a person’s shattered eyes and notice that the soul is not at home in the body. It’s time to return to our bodies and return to our homes so that we regroup and reflect on our destructive attitudes and behaviors. What really has stunned me during this time is the hatred people hurl at people, especially political leaders who they call hateful. While I’m not agreeing with hateful words and actions of politicians and corporate leaders, we stoop to their level when we hurl our disowned hatred (ie shadows) at them. This just weakens our immunity and shreds the collective.

If this virus has taught us anything it is that we are all in this together. There is no us or them, as in the Pink Floyd song from The Dark Side of the Moon. The North Node is telling us to stay home for a while, sleep, be still, and meditate on the deeper aspects of ourselves. While this feels like a time-out for doing something naughty, it’s really an opportunity to grab a hold of our collective destiny and become more loving beings.

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