5 Benefits of Hiring an Animal Psychic

I wonder if pet owners think of animal psychics as a luxury only for affluent people. And yet, pet owners will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on fancy collars, decorative clothing, and more toys than a dog or cat could ever need or enjoy. Hiring an animal communicator is right up there with hiring a groomer or a trainer in that your animal desires to be heard and validated. Your pet’s overall well-being hinges with healthy communication.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Here are 5 benefits for you and your pet:

  1. Prevents your dog, cat, or other pet from ending up in a shelter or being euthanized due to a solvable problem.

I don’t have any statistics to share but animal shelters fill up with pets with problems. These problems range from destructive behaviors related to separation anxiety and boredom to aggression (which can often be resolved with a trainer and an animal communicator in combination). Before dumping the dog or cat off at a shelter (where it might be euthanized), hire an animal communicator and get to the bottom of the issue. Save an animal’s life.

2. Animal communicators teach pet owners animal communication skills

Some animal communicators are also teachers who share communication tools with the pet owners. While the pet owner won’t transform into a professional animal communicator they will learn to read their companion animal’s moods and learn to employ basic telepathy with their pet. Trust me, that skill alone is worth the fee the animal communicator charges.

3. Animal communicators not only help to transform unwanted behaviors in a pet, but they also transform unwanted behaviors in the pet owner.

Animals are always communicating to us. They often do this through unwanted behavior when we miss the subtle cues. For instance, if a dog has a biting or aggression problem, this most likely escalated over a period of time with the pet owner missing the cues. Once I learned the signs of anxiety in a dog, I notice them everywhere.

This includes licking lips out of context, yawning when they’re not tired, excessive panting when it’s not hot and the dog hasn’t been active, pacing, walking in circles, the tail facing downwards and stuck between the legs. Then there is the “whale eye” where you see the whites of the dog’s eyes.

At this point I recommend hiring an animal communicator to ease the dog’s concerns. When the signs of anxiety increase that is a sign that one, the pet owner hasn’t paid attention to the signs and two, the animal does not feel heard. It’s also a good idea to watch videos about the ways our animal companions communicate non-verbally with us.

4. Animal communicators help animals through transitions, especially when they have lost a loved companion.

Just like humans, animals grieve the loss of their human and animal companions. They also grieve the loss of a home or secure situation. Imagine losing your caretaker and also ending up at an animal shelter. No wonder these animals sink into depression.

While most shelters don’t have the funding to hire an animal communicator, donations going towards hiring an animal communicator for a despondent animal helps that animal get adopted into a loving home. Why not start a fund to help shelters hire animal communicators (who often work for free but in this economy is not a good idea).

5. Animal communicators help the animals transition into the afterlife

There are some animal communicators such as myself that enjoys the hospice aspect of communicating with an animal. Our pets have last wishes and they also want to communicate their love and gratitude to us for the care we provided them.

So often pet owners dread the day of their pet’s death or they give the pet away when he or she begins the aging process. They are missing the lessons and deeper experiences of sharing a life with an animal. Face it, we all die but death can become a sacred and meaningful experience. Don’t dismiss death because it’s sad. It’s certainly not a negative experience and it is a good time to show love to the one who is leaving their physical body (and not just with animals). We evolve in consciousness when we provide this bridge.

The biggest regret a pet owner has is not being there with the animal as he or she passed into spirit. Animals want us to hold them or at least hold their paws as they make the transition. They have given so many gifts to us during our time with them. So, why not give the animal companions support when they leave their physical body and enter the world of spirit?

Animal communicators offer a bridge between the human and the animal as well as, the physical and the spiritual realms. Animal communicators exist in between realms when they communicate with animals (they go into a light trance). Some animal communicators can also connect with the pet in spirit and relay messages back to the family of the pet. That’s a precious gift that brings resolution and peace of mind!

I understand that some people still view animal communicators as a novelty act. And part of this stems from animal communicators appearing on popular talk shows or boasting about the celebrities they have as clients leading the everyday person to assume they can’t afford an animal communicator.

In the end, none of that matters. Most animal communicators in my opinion did not go into the profession to rub elbows with the rich and powerful. We simply love animals and communicate with them. It’s a gift we have and we would like to share it with you.

I keep my fees affordable so that more animals and their human companions can experience the benefits of an animal communicator. I work with photographs of the animals as opposed to working with the animals in person. I work with clients from across North America and some European countries (although I prefer to work with clients in North America).

Check out my Animal Reiki page if you’re interested in having me communicate with your animal companion. You can also find me on Petworks.

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